The hybrid indigo tomato series was developed starting in 2005, and made available for sale starting in 2012. The tomato program was sold to A.P.Whaley Seeds in 2019.

Shown below are the hybrids bred at P&R Seeds, now available at A.P. Whaley Seeds.

Indigo Sun

Indigo Sun

This yellow hybrid produces large-cherry sized fruit with solid purple anthocyanin on the crown.  The plants are suited to staking, with semi-indeterminate growth.

Indigo Fireball

These tomatoes are slightly acidic, and are bright yellow and delicious when ripe.  The plants are perfectly suited to potted/porch culture, and also fare well in a garden.  The plants are prostrate, growing low to the ground and requiring no staking at all.

Indigo Kumquat

The tangerine color with purple flecking makes this a stunning tomato in any dish.  The taste is a customer favorite:  it is sweet and delightfully aromatic.  Plants are semi-indeterminate, producing best when staked.

Indigo Brilliance

This hybrid is tangerine with purple anthocyanin on the top of each sun-exposed fruit.  The taste of these tomatoes is both sweet and aromatic.  These tomatoes are best suited to staked culture, with tall semi-indeterminate growth.

Indigo Ruby

Our original indigo tomato hybrid: this was the first hybrid red-indigo tomato on the market.  The bushy plants require staking, growing to a typical height of 3'-4'.