Our History

P&R Seeds is a family owned company. Our breeder, Dr. Peter Mes, is a traditional breeder. Dr. Mes received his masters degree in plant breeding from Texas A&M University, and his PhD from Oregon State University. Ruth Mes is our company president. Mrs. Mes is the visionary of the company who first had interest in developing indigo tomato hybrids She realized the potential benefits a healthier, tastier tomato could have for everyone who loves tomatoes.

Color Range

The Process

At P&R Seeds, we believe in using traditional Mendelian-inspired plant breeding techniques for our tomatoes. All of our work is completed without biotechnology. The unique colors and flavors found in our varieties are the result of selection of natural variations found in wild tomatoes around the world.

The indigo tomatoes are the result of research by Dr. Peter Mes and Dr. Jim Myers at Oregon State University. After completing his work at OSU, Dr. Mes continued to develop the indigo tomatoes to improve the color and flavor of the tomato. This work is being released by P&R Seeds for the enjoyment of everyone that loves a great-tasting tomato.

We strive to bring you the best flavor in a unique color package. All of the breeding we do is oriented by this goal. Our breeding material is carefully selected to ensure that every tomato has a good "tomato-y" flavor, with pleasant aromatics and a good balance of acids and sugars. Some hybrids are very sweet, some are acidic, and all are highly aromatic with pleasant tomato smells. If you like tomatoes then we are sure you will find a flavor that you like in our hybrids.